NHS Sept21



Well, as the schools go back and summer (such as it was) comes to an end, we do ask you to remember that “it hasn’t gone away”.

Please don’t take risks with your safety or put others at risk by your behaviours or beliefs. Stay Safe everyone.


We are pleased to report that our latest applicant, who just happens to reside in Burley, will be starting their induction this month and training next month. If you have more time on your hands now the schools are due back, please do consider us as your NHS voluntary work of choice.




However, we are sad to report that following what appears to be a minor fault on one of the Dacia vehicles a month ago, the vehicle has been with Hendy’s Dacia in Eastleigh for a lot of that period.
They initially could not find the fault only for it to happen again and have to be returned to them.

An independent mechanic has suggested what the problem is and Hendys had agreed. The problem appears a simple replacement item but was still with them until today (1st).

Contrary to what it says on the side of the car, we are not feeling very supported at this time.

Dacia Sept21