We have two new responders in the team and we welcome Maria and Rob who are completing their local induction before going on call for the first time.

Rob and Maria

As mentioned last month, we can now report that through the kindness of a local resident, and with Church defibsupport from Bransgore Rotary Club and agreement of the Bransgore Community Church, we have been able to locate a public access defibrillator on the outside wall of the Church building in Shackleton Square. It will be available 24/7 for use in a case of cardiac arrest in the local area. The ambulance service will provide the door access code to the person who rings 999 for the emergency ambulance.
As with other public defibs we have helped to provide, we hope residents nearby may “adopt” it by keeping an eye on it and make sure no one tampers with it unless being used in cases of medical emergency. One of our team regularly checks on all the defibs we have an interest in.



999 should only be used where there is a life-threatening emergency. If it’s not life threatening, please use the 111 service, or speak with your pharmacist, GP, or attend a minor injuries or urgent care unit at hospital. If you have family with a car and it is appropriate, you can go direct to A & E if needed, and you can always get a taxi to take you. You are not seen any quicker just because you arrive in an ambulance. Everyone is triaged so the urgent ones get seen first. Keep the ambulance free for the life threatening emergencies.