We have a further three new volunteers due to start their initial training with our Community Engagement Team early this month and hopefully all will be trained and assessed by mid-February. We wish them all luck.


Even when not under great pressure, as at this time, the ambulance service faces immense challenges in reaching patients in cardiac arrest within the ideal time of just minutes. That is why public access defibrillators are so important and why we have helped provide those in and around our area.


Defib transparent


You may know that the Bransgore Medical Centre has closed, and the building is due to be sold. This is the location for one of the defibrillators. The defibrillator is provided by Bransgore Parish Council for the welfare of the community. Please be assured that we are working on behalf of the Council to find another location close by where the unit can be sited, and it will remain operational and available for use until relocated. This will hopefully be in the very near future.




We hope to report on an additional public access unit being provided in next month’s news page.


999 should only be used where there is a life threatening emergency. If it’s not life threatening, please use the 111 service, or speak with your pharmacist, GP, or attend a minor injuries or urgent care unit at hospital. If you have family with a car and it is appropriate, you can go direct to A & E if needed, and you can always get a taxi to take you. Keep the ambulance free for the life threatening.