Would you know what to do in a life-threatening emergency?

Our Community First Responders know that some simple skills can help keep someone alive until the arrival of the ambulance professionals. For that reason some of us have got together and formed our own Heartstart Scheme. It is separate to the Responders Group but complements what we do.

We can offer you and your friends, or your group or club a FREE two and a half hour course and in that time teach you the basic skills you would need to save a life.

If someone is unconscious or has stopped breathing, is in cardiac arrest or having a heart attack, or is choking or has severe bleeding, we can show you what to do to keep them alive for those precious few minutes until professional help arrives.You do NOT have to be an expert and it could be someone in your family that you save. Simple skills that save lives.

Interested? Please contact us - details on the left. We provide the training at no charge but are permitted to accept any donations you may care to consider.

Heartstart UK is an initiative of the British Heart Foundation to teach members of the public what to do in a life-threatening emergency: Simple Skills that Save Lives. Training sessions are now available locally, usually on a Saturday morning, but evenings are possible if you have enough people wishing to do the training.

With a number of public access defibrillators now available in Bransgore and Burley, you can still help save a life even if you are not trained. Please click on the video below to see how. Hands-only CPR. Anyone can do it! Even us adults......


And for the younger ones...

For more information, our contact details are on the left.

Heartstart Bransgore-New Forest wish to thank Bransgore Community First Responders for providing us this space on their website, and also Bransgore Rotary Club for the support they have given Heartstart Bransgore-New Forest.