We have recently received a new Zoll AED 3 defibrillator unit which will go on one of the cars. This is the latest type and while it does the same job as other defibrillators, it analyses and provides the critical shock quicker than others. Technology moves on. As they say.


The unit was able to be provided because of a specific donation made by the Mudeford Club which was match funded by another local association. We send our thanks to both organisations. This unit will benefit the community we serve by improving and reducing the time taken to deliver a shock to some in cardiac arrest. Seconds really do count in such cases.





Feb23 Offroad


In the middle of February we were asked to assist at a call elsewhere in the New Forest where a casualty was not able to be reached by the road ambulance. We were able to meet with the crew, open some of the barriers and get them as close as they could get with their vehicle. We were then able to use the 4x4 capability of our vehicle to locate the casualty and relay them back to the land ambulance for treatment. We then made the area safe by resecuring the area. We made the original case that we needed a 4x4 vehicle for use in this area some years ago and this is our third such vehicle. Such calls have proved  the need and justification of a vehicle that has a degree of capability away from tarmac roads.


We are continuing to plan for our AED and basic life support (CPR) sessions and will go public with times dates and locations in due course via our Facebook page.


For medical emergencies, such as Chest pain, Severe breathing difficulty, Severe blood loss, Choking or blacking out Dial 999 immediately

For other illnesses and injuries Call 111 for advice or contact your GP or out-of-hours GP service or seek advice from your pharmacist for self-care, Make your own way to your local A&E, minor injuries unit or walk-in centre for minor injuries.


Mike & the team