We are entering a busy period for the team with a publicity presence at over 15 events before the Autumn.


Obviously, we hope to see you at the Bransgore Rotary Fun Day where we should have the Education ambulance and kit and information for all to see how your donations are spent.


Then on Saturday 11th May we will be at Bransgore Village Hall for a Health Awareness session. Drop in between 10 and 2 and learn, in just a few minutes how to perform CPR if needed, and the importance of a defibrillator in such cases. Have a go with our training manikins. To book a seat for the 1030 or 1230 session E Mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can speak with our team and they will demonstrate some of the equipment we carry.


Bur really importantly, we will have a specialist nurse practitioner present who will offer you free blood pressure checks – you know you have been meaning to get one done- and some other checks and advice to keep you healthy.

May 24 CPR

999 should only be used where there is a life threatening emergency. If it’s not life threatening, please use the 111 service, or speak with your pharmacist, GP, or attend a minor injuries or urgent care unit at hospital. If you have family with a car and it is appropriate, you can go direct to A & E if needed, and you can always get a taxi to take you. You are not seen any quicker just because you arrive in an ambulance. Everyone is triaged so the urgent ones get seen first. Keep the ambulance free for the life threatening emergencies.