The month is starting in the middle of Storm Ciaran and the effects it is having with flooding of roads and trees and branches blocking roads. Please follow advice from the emergency services and stay safe.

Fortunately, two weeks ago our bees gave us their third honey harvest and they have now been wrapped up and taken care of for the winter with lots of food to see them trough to next spring.

By the first week of this month Halloween and fireworks will Bee over and most will Bee looking to Christmas and those gifts we all have to buy.


Those who look after our Bee project, report that our Bees must be very contented working for us. Honey2The latest harvest produced more jars of honey but when it's gone, it's gone until late Spring next year when they will produce more.
Don't leave things too long. You can still get First Responder Honey at the Bransgore Coffee House in Betsy Lane, opposite the free car park.
We Beelieve It will make an excellent Christmas present for those who love natural food, and those who just like honey. And its local, produced here in Bransgore and the New Forest. Don't know what to get for aunties and uncles? Try our First Responder Honey. Every £5 donation for a jar will go to support your local community first responder team and other good local causes and help save lives in your community.
Beelieve us when we say it’s delicious but when it's gone - it's gone.


Although we have three volunteers waiting on their training in the new year, we could still do with more volunteers who can be on call for just 20 hours over the month in case needed at a local medical emergency. Training would be maybe springtime or just after as training places are limited and needed across the whole County. It’s over two weekends and leads to a nationally recognised qualification and uniform is provided. Leave us a message on 0844 500 9699 and we will get back to you with more information. Or check our Facebook page.