Annual Street Collection

Collection 21 car


We held our annual street collection on Saturday 17th July between 7.30 and 3pm.
In the collecting boxes we had £514.38p. The Contactless card machine was a bit temperamental, but raised £25
We have also had donations for the collection from those who could not get there, and these amounted to £100. Another £50 promised remains possible but the total currently banked is a fantastic £639.38p
Thank you to everyone who contributed. It was great to meet so many of you again.





Covid aug 21





COVID of course, has not gone away in spite of what the behaviour of some people would suggest.
But if we all remain cautious in the new relaxed lifestyle, we could help reduce it to levels that are manageable. Please don’t take risks with your safety or put others at risk by your behaviours or beliefs.



Stay Safe everyone.