We are pleased to welcome to the team, Jacquie Joyce who finished her training in December and has been completing her local induction with the team and buddying up on the car for some shifts.


We have also been helping our friends at New Milton CFR’s by taking out some of their new members on buddy shifts to ensure everyone is comfortable before going out alone.




We had a responder on call over the Christmas period for as many hours as we could, and on New Year’s Eve we had two out in a car across the area and one ready to respond from home in Bransgore. We are pleased that they were not needed and that most people recognised the wisdom of the COVID-19 guidance to stay at home and not mix with others.

New Year’s Eve was an exceeding cold night and we had to wrap up the car based in Bransgore to ensure we could get going ASAP if needed.



And Finally

NHS CoronavisusRemember that the mutated “new” strain of COVID-19 is much more transmissible than the original. Please stay safe, don’t mix with others outside your household. Everyone is fed up with it, but there is light on the horizon. It is better to be fed up for a couple more months, but in good health and know you have not infected others, than to be out there having a great time socialising and shopping for non-essentials but find yourself with COVID, or worse, giving it to someone more vulnerable with disastrous consequences.


Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives


*** Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021 ***