The team continue to provide Responder cover as we enter into the second half of 2020 and over 100 days after lockdown. In the first half of this year we have committed 2250+ hours on call and attended nearly 320 calls.


We do implore people to keep to social distancing rules and to follow the current guidance. Masks should be worn in shops and confined places and must be on public transport. They are easy enough to buy now or simple enough for those able to do just a little bit of stitching. It is critical that we reduce the chances of Covid19 transmission, especially with retail and pubs/restaurant beginning to reopen. We would not like to see them closed again and lockdown re-imposed because of a few unwise people.


Last month, at Bournemouth beach we saw images that had the potential to create a disaster.
We are sure these people were from outside our area and hope none were local. How can they be so stupid? It may be outside, but we would not risk our health or that of our children sitting in the middle of that crowd. As they were probably there for at least a couple of hours we would think the "R" number would be up in the roof. What part of NO don't these people understand?















Photos: Daily Echo and PA Media


And Finally, the same as last month

Stay alert
The lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted but the threat of a second, more serious wave of the virus remains. Please continue to Stay Alert and limit your contact with others. This is not yet over.