Our team wish you all a very Happy 2023. None of us can be sure what the coming year will bring although we can make a reasoned guess that the NHS ambulance service and hospital emergency departments will be under pressure for some time yet.

The role of the voluntary services will be vital in helping those in need of medical assistance. The Community First Responders (CFR’s) will be there to assess and commence initial care in those cases where an ambulance is required and in the critical first minutes of a medical emergency.

In our area the Bransgore CFR’s are urgently seeking volunteers to join the team. Please do read on. This is voluntary work that you can do to fit in around your life. Whether it’s a New Years resolution or something you have been considering for a while, now is the time to do it.

You must be 18 or over and have use of a car, be of good character - a DBS check will be carried out -and fit enough to carry the equipment bag up a flight of stairs and in the worst case, to carry out CPR. No previous medical experience is necessary as all training is given.
We think this is the most rewarding voluntary work on dry land.

Training over a couple of weekends is provided by the ambulance service as is uniform. On successful completion of the initial weekend training, you will be qualified as a basic responder, followed by additional skills and a nationally recognised qualification within 6 months. WE ask that you meet the minimum requirement to be on call for your community for a minimum of at least 20 hours per month.

Community First Responders are supported by South Central Ambulance charity. You will be expected to assist the local scheme at the occasional collection or local event to help raise funds. CFR’s are not funded by the Government or NHS
For more information, please click here to visit the community-first-responders website, and if you do apply, please let us know.

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Many will recall that we used to offer Defibrillator awareness sessions alongside our Heartstart Colleague who taught the basics of CPR and Simple Skills that Save Lives.
With the demise of the Heartstart project and Lockdown sessions ended. However, we are now hopeful that, if there is enough interest in the community, that we may be able to offer the awareness again, during a two-hour session locally. This is still in the planning stage but if you think this is something you or a group you may belong to may be interested in, please let us know and we will start a list.

Make this year special by becoming a CFR locally.