Can we ask that if “guidance” is being given by government scientists about COVID 19, that you all respect and take heed of their words. They know better than anyone what is what, and certainly better than the self-professed “Experts” who seem to exist on social media or can be heard giving their opinion in the pubs and café’s.


No one wants a dose of Omicron or other variant, and although you may hear it is a milder strain that only applies to “many” people. We are sure you really do not want you or yours to be one of those who are hospitalised, or worse by it, and there will be many thousands.

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Our team are still attending calls across the New Forest and we would remind you that the emergency services and hospitals are already stretched. Please do not become a statistic that adds to the current crisis.

For medical emergencies, such as Chest pain, Severe breathing difficulty, Severe blood loss, Choking or blacking out Dial 999 immediately.

For other illnesses and injuries Call 111 for advice or contact your GP or out-of-hours GP service or seek advice from your pharmacist for self-care, Make your own way to your local A&E, minor injuries unit or walk-in centre for minor injuries.


We wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and maybe even prosperous New Year.
Mike & the team