Volunteer week







1st to 7th of June is National Volunteers Week. Our Scheme Co-ordinator places on record appreciation of the efforts of every member of this team, and those outside the team who support us in any number of ways. Thank you for what you do. This group could not exist without such support and supporters.

All being well we will hold our 2021 Annual Street Collection on Saturday 17th July between about 7am and 3pm outside the shops in Bransgore. We hope to see as many of you as we can, on the day. As we did last year our team will take responsible precautions to keep everyone safe so please expect to see us wearing masks and/or other protection. We hope we will have a contactless donations device as we know from last year that many of you no longer like to handle cash. You just need a contactless card, and you too can also donate.
Any donations are gratefully received and will help keep our service in operation in this area.


We will be in attendance at the Bransgore Rotary Club Fun day on Bank Holiday Monday 30th August and hopefully we will have the Education Ambulance with us again. Please note that the original date at the start of May that some of you may have seen, has changed and the event will now be on the Bank Holiday Monday, 30th August.


As its Volunteers Week this month we hope you will consider our team, when considering whether you would like to volunteer some of your time for one of the great local associations and organisations in our area. Volunteers from the Burley, Bransgore and Sopley area are still needed to join us and help provide cover and response in that area. Please do consider it and for a no commitment chat and to learn more call us on 0844 500 9699 and we will get back to you.


Heartstart jun21Finally, we are sad to announce that the BHF are stopping Heartstart schemes from this month and we can no longer offer the free courses as we have previously. We will be looking at how, and whether, we should provide the replacement sessions proposed by the BHF, which do not cover all the subjects the Heartstart Course did. We will announce the decision in due course. The Heartstart page on our website will be updated in the coming weeks.


Stay Safe everyone.