We have had a couple of expressions of interest from potential volunteers who live in Burley and we hope that they will be applying to join soon. Our liaison officers advise that there is a hold on training sessions now until July while they use the break to catch up on other matters, including additional training sessions for existing community first responders.
Our latest recruit, Patrick (See April), has now attended several calls with a colleague and recently attended his first “Solo” call.

NHS hopeMay we just politely encourage everyone who is eligible to have the Covid 19 vaccine, to accept the offer as it arrives. While not totally preventing infection, it will reduce greatly the impact if you do catch it and help break the cycle of infection among those in our community as it reduces the risk of infecting someone else while you have it. Even as we come out of lockdown you need to minimise your risks and risks to those who may still be at greater risk.Look elsewhere in the world to see how much worse it could be without vaccines.



The team signed the Book of Condolence in respect of

HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Vehicle flag


Volunteers from the Burley, Bransgore and Sopley area are still needed to join us and help provide cover and response in that area. Please do consider it and for a no commitment chat and to learn more call us on 0844 500 9699 and we will get back to you.


Stay Safe everyone.