The last month saw various members receiving their COVID-19 jabs, and others being assessed to use the scheme vehicles. We hope this will see an increase in the number of hours our team can be on-call, as that is the reason for our existence. By the end of this month, we will officially be into Spring, the clocks will have changed and the traditional season for D.I.Y will be upon us. All being well more retail outlets will be open and those who have not done much in lockdown will want to start painting, decorating, repairing.

The hospital emergency departments often see an increase in both ambulant and non-ambulant patients as this happens.

Please take care and stay safe. In the event of an accident and if you are not sure what medical assistance you need, please call 111 and they will help.

Please do not automatically call 999. 999 is for emergency calls where a life may be at risk. 111 will help and if they feel that you need an emergency response, they can also arrange it.


 And Finally




At the end of this month. If we have all stuck to the rules and the signs are still showing a decrease in all the vital data, we could be moving into a relaxation of lockdown. If so, enjoy it for what it is, do not go mad, there are still many unvaccinated and many who could still pass it on if they are asymptomatic. We will still be complying with rules for the wearing of PPE issued by the ambulance service.









 Stay Safe everyone.