The team continue to provide Responder cover in the area with the reduced numbers available.


Our appeal for new Responders has resulted in two applicants who will be undertaking their training in the coming month. We are grateful to our ambulance service liaison officers for such a speedy turn around and treating the local need for CFR’s as a priority. We can always do with more if you are still thinking about it.

Annual Photo Shoot

We recently conducted our annual photo shoot which had been deferred from earlier this year. You will see some of the photos about. Let me just assure everyone that Covid Secure measures were in place and our photographer also did some work digitally altering some images to make it look like we are closer than we were. Many thanks as always to Richard Frampton.

2020 Photo


COVID 19 Lockdown

With another Lockdown coming this week, we all need to stick to the rules and break the cycle of this virus, otherwise we will end up facing lockdowns on and off for the foreseeable future and see rapidly rising death rates.

Stay home, wherever possible, to Save lives
Wash hand thoroughly and regularly
Wear a Face covering – to protect others – as well as yourself
Observe Social Distancing rules

See all the restrictions at Guidance from 5th November