As usual we aim to have a volunteer Responder on call for most of the festive season period and, in the nicest way possible, we hope that we won’t be visiting you over the holiday.

Please make sure that you have enough of any required prescription medicines to lst you over the festive season, and if the medication directs that you do not consume alcohol when on those meds, then please don’t.

The result of doing so may at best be an unpleasant experience and sickness or a trip to an emergency department, or at worst an admission to a hospital ward.

Remember that the emergency services will be stretched over Christmas and the New Year.

For medical emergencies, such as Chest pain, Severe breathing difficulty, Severe blood loss, Choking or blacking out Dial 999 immediately.

For other illnesses and injuries Call 111 for advice or contact your GP or out-of-hours GP service or seek advice from your pharmacist for self-care, Make your own way to your local A&E, minor injuries unit or walk-in centre for minor injuries.

Group Xmas


So, if you need medical assistance and it’s not life-threatening, please first think.... can I get to hospital with help of family or friends. 999 ambulances are not a taxi service. They are for genuine medical emergencies where a life may be at risk. The fact your family drivers can’t drive because they have had a drink is not a reason to call an ambulance if a local taxi will do instead.




Our team wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a Heathy and Prosperous New Year.