Dark nights and maybe dark days ahead for a while now.

Nov First aidersOur volunteers attend local events such as the Cider Pressing Weekend at Burley (last month) and the Bransgore School Fireworks event in November to raise the profile of our group and publicise our need for new volunteers. We don’t fund raise at most events. The first aid provision is often provided by our friends at the Bransgore Community First Aid Association many of whom are CFR’s and who support this group in that role. There seen here modelling the latest in coral coloured (!) his vis wear.



Nov somewhere


And with longer dark evenings we ask as always that you consider whether your house name or number can be seen from the street. When seconds really do matter in a life-threatening emergency it can be the difference between saving a life or being just a bit too late.



Please make sure your house is visible and ideally have someone outside, maybe with a torch to identify themselves to arriving responders and/or ambulance crews, but obviously do not place anyone at risk.


Take care in the dark hours and inclement weather and heed the advice put out by the emergency services when the weather is bad. If they suggest you stay indoors, we would ask that you do just that and don’t put yourself, or others who may need to come to your aid, at risk.