Our wonderful Freelander vehicle has now been fitted with its new super-whizzy Terrafix unit, so that we have the same data terminal and Satnav as the frontline ambulances.

It is already proving its worth as on a recent call into the heart of the New Forest it took us to the patient, in a remote location, so that we were able to open the access gates for the attending ambulance, reach the patient and start patient care all with minimum delay. We are hoping to justify securing a Terrafix for our other vehicle as well.


Freelander terrafix
















For a number of reasons, we are unable to run the usual competition at the Bransgore Rotary Club’s Beer Festival 27- 29 September at The Three Tuns in Bransgore. But don’t let that put you off. Our colleagues from the First Aid Association will be providing some first Aid cover at the event and we hope to have one of our vehicles on display. All profits from this Rotary Club event support various worthy charities and causes, so please use your spare cash to help raise those vital funds.


We welcome our new volunteers Sophie and Malcolm to the group and hope that in the very near future they will be on call ready to respond.