The ice and snow arrived, and we ensured that we had someone on equipped with a 4x4 to ensure we could reach locations as needed. Fortunately, so far, demand has not needed the vehicles capabilities as residents heed the messages not to walk out when its icy.

We had two shifts away from the village to give our colleagues some experience and spend the day shift in and around Southampton.





We are also happy to assist the launch of a new Community First Responder scheme in Brockenhurst. New Responder Anita is looking for other caring likeminded residents of Brock, to join her to bolster the new group. If you are interested in becoming a Community First Responder anywhere in the New Forest or elsewhere in Hampshire please leave us a message on 0844 500 9699 and we will get back to for an informal chat. Being a responder gives flexibility in the hours you give as a volunteer yet is one of the most rewarding types of such work there is.



Finally, can we remind you that if you expect the very prompt service that we, and the ambulance would want to provide you with, you need to ensure that we can easily and quickly identify your house name or number. Ideally, they should be repeated close to the road, on a front fence or similar.

Around here

At night ensure lights are switched on, outside lights too if you have them, or open curtains so we have an idea as we arrive where the house is. Minutes can sometime make a significant difference to the well-being of the patient and the subsequent outcome of the incident!




Stay safe and heed any warnings from the emergency services in cases of severe inclement weather.