SF070 in snowWinter Weather

During the snow emergency we had someone on call 24/7 and attended calls locally and farther afield. In most cases, where we attended fallers, it was because they had not heeded the warning and gone outside onto icy pavements when they really didn't need to. Some resulting injuries were quite serious.
Please listen to advice from the emergency services and if they advise you to stay in - please do so.



Old Ten Pound Notes

RS TennerThe deadline to spend or exchange old £10 notes - featuring naturalist Charles Darwin - is 1 March.

These notes will cease to be legal tender — meaning shops are no longer obliged to take them — after 11.59 p.m. GMT on Thursday, March 1.



To exchange an old tenner, people can either post the notes to the Bank of England or visit the Bank in person in the City of London if your bank or Post Office refuses to accept it. local bank or post offices are not legally required to accept old notes after the deadline.
Of course, if you were feeling generous we can always accept them towards or group funds to help purchase additional equipment. Our collecting boxes are in local shops or call 0844 500 9699 and we can arrange collection.