We are pleased to report that our volunteers put in 7300 hours being on-call for the benefit of our community in 2017. That equates to an average of 83% of every day.
They have attended a range of calls suitable for community first responders, and gave appropriate care to those needing our intervention. Additionally, the team attended publicity and awareness events and assisted teaching many people CPR and life saving skills.

DRV shift



Over the Christmas period just gone, we provided 24/7 cover for 10 days of the holiday period and attended 6 calls over the two Christmas bank holidays alone.

In addition, we assisted the ambulance service in Southampton on the Friday evening before Christmas and our two units attended nine calls.



We are looking forward to new skills and additional equipment in the coming year.
We are always looking for new volunteers. No previous experience is needed as all training is straightforward and provided by the ambulance service. We provide the uniform and support and ask for just a very minimum of 20 hours a month being available on call if required, and that you help out with the occasional fund raising event we run to meet our costs.
All over our region ordinary people have been trained by South Central Ambulance Service to give vital life saving help to their neighbours in the event of someone suffering cardiac arrest, stroke , heart attack, choking, chest pain and other life threatening symptoms. We rely 100% on donations to fund this vital work- we receive no public money at all to fund this care.
All Community First Responders (CFRs) are volunteers, and they come from every walk of life. What they have in common is their desire to make a difference by volunteering in life and death situations. CFRs assist the ambulance service by attending emergency calls in the areas where they live or work. Because they are local, they can often reach a potentially life threatening emergency, such as a cardiac arrest, in the first vital minutes before the ambulance crew can get to the scene. In cases of cardiac arrest, for every minute that passes without cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation, a patient’s chances of survival decreases by 14%. The treatment CFRs can give in the vital minutes that they are on scene while the ambulance is on its way really does save lives.
If you are over 18 with use of a car, and are of good character and have a caring approach to other people, this may be just for you. To learn more please call 0844 500 9699 and leave us your details. We will get back to you for a no commitment chat. You have nothing to lose and the community have everything to gain. Why not make it your New Year Resolution?

For more information please see the Charity's website.

A very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you all.