The team were pleased to be present at the Bransgore for Ukraine fund raising event at the Village Hall on St George’s Day Saturday 23rd April. Our purpose was to show the community what we do and how important knowing CPR can be, while supporting the whole purpose of the afternoon.

St George



Word is the team didn't stop eating the cakes and nibbles on offer! The team were joined by members of the local First Aid Association who provided the First Aid provision for the event.


While neither group was there to seek donations or funds for themselves, the local First Aid Association felt able to make a respectable donation to the event.







We are gearing up to have a stand at the Bransgore Fun Day on Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May on the Village Hall field. We hope many of you will feel able to pop past and have a chat, maybe have a practice of your CPR skills on our manikins. We are also hoping to have the Education Ambulance along as well, and perhaps even a surprise visitor.


Stop omicron


For medical emergencies, such as chest pain, Severe breathing difficulty, Severe blood loss, Choking or blacking out, Dial 999 immediately


For other illnesses and injuries Call 111 for advice or contact your GP or out-of-hours GP service or seek advice from your pharmacist for self-care, Make your own way to your local A&E, minor injuries unit or walk-in centre for minor injuries.



Mike & the team